Eggs in Purgatory

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recipe by Leigh Suznovich

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When it comes to a hearty, fast and easy Italian style breakfast, it does not get much better than eggs in purgatory. It’s called that because the eggs are gently poached in a fiery tomato sauce.

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recipe updated Mar 18, 2020


  • Onion icon
    70 g (about ½)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
    12 g (about 2)
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    ¼ cup (about 37.8 g)
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    1 pinch (about 0.41 g)
  • Smoked paprika icon
    Smoked paprika
    ½ tsp (about 1.07 g)
  • Red pepper flakes icon
    Red pepper flakes
    1 dash (about 0.1 g)
  • Olive oil icon
    Olive oil
    2 tbsp (about 27.3 g)
  • Canned tomatoes icon
    Canned tomatoes
    794.5 g (about 2)
  • Egg icon
    6 (about 300 g)
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    as needed
  • Fresh basil icon
    Fresh basil
    8 g (about 40)


  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Large saucepan
  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Small bowl

Step preview

  1. Add onion and garlic clove to a clean small bowl then set aside
  2. Add parmesan cheese, sea salt, smoked paprika and red pepper flakes to a clean small bowl then set aside
  3. Add olive oil to a clean large saucepan
  4. Heat - medium heat
  5. Transfer onion mixture to large saucepan
  6. Cook until fragrant - approx 2 min
  7. Add canned tomatoes to the large saucepan
  8. Transfer cheese mixture to large saucepan
  9. Stir until combined
  10. Simmer gently - 5 min
  11. Add egg to the large saucepan one by one and cover
  12. Poach - 3 min
  13. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese
  14. Garnish with fresh basil
  15. Serve immediately
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