Instant Pot Banana Bread with Walnut Streusel

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recipe by Nisha Vora

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Every time I make this banana bread, no one can believe I did it in the Instant Pot. While the Instant Pot method won’t save you time, it does offer many benefits over the traditional method. Most important, it’s foolproof. When I bake banana bread in the oven, five out of ten times I end up with a middle that is undercooked and edges that have browned. The even and contained heat of the pressure cooker, in contrast, ensures that the banana bread bakes perfectly each time. Second, pressure cooking is akin to baking a cake in a water bath, so the loaf ends up moist and light, fluffy and tender. The surface might appear cracked, but I promise it doesn’t interfere with the taste. And finally, you don’t have to turn on your oven, which means you can enjoy banana bread in the summer without turning your house into a sweaty fire pit. The recipe is designed for a 7 3/4 inch × 3 3/4- inch loaf pan, which fits inside a 6- quart Instant Pot. If you don’t have such a loaf pan, a 7- inch spring form pan also gets the job done (you just won’t have the traditional loaf shape).

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recipe updated Mar 31, 2020


  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    ¼ cup (about 72.86 g)
  • Banana icon
    3 (about 360 g)
  • Walnut pieces icon
    Walnut pieces
    ¼ cup (about 79.2 g)
  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    1 ½ tbsp (about 20.7 g)
  • All purpose flour icon
    All purpose flour
    1 ¼ cups (about 162 g)
  • Baking powder icon
    Baking powder
    1 tsp (about 5 g)
  • Baking soda icon
    Baking soda
    ¼ tsp (about 1.16 g)
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    ½ tsp (about 3.25 g)
  • Cane sugar icon
    Cane sugar
    ½ cup (about 102 g)
  • Unsweetened almond milk icon
    Unsweetened almond milk
    ¼ cup (about 86.46 g)
  • Ground flaxseed icon
    Ground flaxseed
    2 tbsp (about 16.8 g)
  • Vanilla extract icon
    Vanilla extract
    1 tsp (about 4.4 g)
  • Baking spray icon
    Baking spray
    as needed
  • Water icon
    1 cup (about 240 g)
  • Rolled oats icon
    Rolled oats
    ¼ cup (about 39.6 g)
  • All purpose flour icon
    All purpose flour
    2 tbsp (about 16.2 g)
  • Ground cinnamon icon
    Ground cinnamon
    ½ tsp (about 1.33 g)
  • Kosher salt icon
    Kosher salt
    ¼ tsp (about 0.71 g)
  • Maple syrup icon
    Maple syrup
    1 tbsp (about 21.3 g)


  • kCook icon Spatula
  • kCook icon Whisk
  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Water
  • kCook icon Instant Pot
  • kCook icon Rack
  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Inner pot
  • kCook icon Loaf pan - 7"
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl

Step preview

  1. Spray baking spray onto a clean loaf pan
  2. Whisk all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda and sea salt into a clean medium bowl together
  3. Add coconut oil and cane sugar to a clean large mixing bowl
  4. Whisk together until well blended
  5. Stir unsweetened almond milk, ground flaxseed and vanilla extract into the batter
  6. Mix until well combined
  7. Stir dry ingredients into wet ingredients gently
  8. Fold banana into the wet ingredients
  9. Pour batter into loaf pan
  10. Cover tightly with foil
  11. Place loaf pan on rack
  12. Add water to the inner pot
  13. Lower rack into inner pot
  14. Close and lock the lid and turn the steam release handle to Sealing
  15. Pressure cook - Manual, High, 50 min
  16. Natural release
  17. Add rolled oats, walnut pieces, all purpose flour, ground cinnamon and kosher salt to a clean small bowl
  18. Pour maple syrup and coconut oil into the small bowl
  19. Fold until combined
  20. Carefully remove loaf pan from inner pot
  21. Carefully remove foil from loaf pan
  22. Sprinkle streusel over bread evenly
  23. Cool on round wire rack - 10 min
  24. Slice
  25. Serve
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