Baked Cheesy Zucchini

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recipe by Octopus Publishing

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This creamy, cheesy zucchini bake is comforting, delicious and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs. This serves two as a main meal with salad but it would also be perfect as a side dish.

recipe updated Jun 8, 2020


  • Zucchini icon
    2 (390g)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
  • Scallion icon
    4 (60g)
  • Cheddar cheese icon
    Cheddar cheese
    1 cup (105g)
  • Fresh parsley icon
    Fresh parsley
    1 tbsp (4g)
  • Olive oil icon
    Olive oil
    1 tbsp (15ml)
  • Egg icon
    2 (100g)
  • Single cream icon
    Single cream
    ¾ cup (161ml)
  • Wholegrain mustard icon
    Wholegrain mustard
    1 tsp (5g)
  • Salt & pepper icon
    Salt & pepper
    as needed
  • Breadcrumbs icon
    about ¼ cup (11g)


  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Medium cast iron skillet
  • kCook icon Pie dish - 8"

Step preview

  1. Pre-heat oven - 205°C
  2. Heat olive oil to a clean medium cast iron skillet
  3. Add zucchini, garlic clove and scallion to the medium cast iron skillet
  4. Sauté until browned - 5 min
  5. Transfer content of medium cast iron skillet to 2 pie dishes
  6. Add egg, single cream and wholegrain mustard to a clean small bowl
  7. Beat
  8. Season with salt & pepper
  9. Stir in cheddar cheese to the mixture
  10. Transfer mixture to 2 pie dishes
  11. Add breadcrumbs, fresh parsley and cheddar cheese to a clean medium bowl
  12. Mix with tablespoon
  13. Season with salt & pepper
  14. Transfer content of medium bowl to 2 pie dishes
  15. Bake until light golden - 20 min, 205°C
  16. Serve
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