Slow Cooker Gourmet Bolognese

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recipe by Octopus Publishing

  • Time icon
    Total Time
    10hrs 20mins
  • Serves icon
  • Calories icon
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Chicken livers add depth to this rich, slow-cooked bolognese recipe, so don't leave them out.

recipe updated May 8, 2020


  • Onion icon
    1 (about 140 g)
  • Chicken liver icon
    Chicken liver
    212.81 g (about 212 ¾)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
    2 (about 12 g)
  • Pancetta icon
    56.75 g (about 11 ⅓)
  • Button mushroom icon
    Button mushroom
    2 cups (about 172.8 g)
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    as needed
  • Olive oil icon
    Olive oil
    1 tbsp (about 13.65 g)
  • Ground beef icon
    Ground beef
    454 g (about 2 cups)
  • All purpose flour icon
    All purpose flour
    1 tbsp (about 8.1 g)
  • Red wine icon
    Red wine
    ¾ cup (about 160.8 g)
  • Beef stock icon
    Beef stock
    ¾ cup (about 160.8 g)
  • Canned chopped tomatoes icon
    Canned chopped tomatoes
    368.88 g (about 1 ½ cups)
  • Tomato paste icon
    Tomato paste
    2 tbsp (about 33 g)
  • Bouquet garni icon
    Bouquet garni
    1 (about 1 g)
  • Tagliatelle icon
    283.75 g (about 2 ¾ cups)
  • Salt icon
    as needed
  • Water icon
    as needed
  • Fresh basil icon
    Fresh basil
    as needed


  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Skillet pan
  • kCook icon Slow cooker
  • kCook icon Medium cast iron skillet
  • kCook icon Slow cooker bowl
  • kCook icon Saucepan
  • kCook icon Large serving bowl

Step preview

  1. Get a clean slow cooker bowl
  2. Pre-heat if necessary
  3. Add olive oil to a clean medium cast iron skillet
  4. Heat - medium heat
  5. Add ground beef and onion to the medium cast iron skillet
  6. Fry until lightly browned
  7. Add chicken liver, garlic clove, pancetta and button mushroom to the medium cast iron skillet
  8. Cook until browned - 3 min
  9. Stir all purpose flour into the medium cast iron skillet
  10. Mix red wine, beef stock, canned chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and bouquet garni into the medium cast iron skillet
  11. Boil while stirring occasionally
  12. Get slow cooker bowl
  13. Spoon content of medium cast iron skillet into slow cooker bowl and cover
  14. Cook in slow cooker - 10 hr, low heat
  15. Add tagliatelle to a clean saucepan
  16. Add salt and water to the pasta
  17. Boil
  18. Cook until tender - 8 min
  19. Drain
  20. Stir
  21. Get a clean large serving bowl
  22. Garnish with fresh basil
  23. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese
  24. Spoon pasta into large serving bowl
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