Strawberry Jam Roly-Poly

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recipe by Octopus Publishing

  • Time icon
    Total Time
    4hrs 25mins
  • Serves icon
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The strawberry "roly-poly" is a sweet, comforting, and classic English dessert. Cooking it in the slow cooker helps create a wonderfully fluffy texture. It's delicious with a generous glug of custard.

recipe updated May 19, 2020


  • Lemon icon
    2 (116g)
  • Water icon
    as needed
  • Self raising flour icon
    Self raising flour
    2.5 cups (324g)
  • Vegetarian suet icon
    Vegetarian suet
    1 cup (240g)
  • Superfine sugar icon
    Superfine sugar
    about ¼ cup (49g)
  • Salt icon
    1 pinch
  • Milk icon
    ¾ cup (180ml)
  • Strawberry jam icon
    Strawberry jam
    4 tbsp (83g)


  • kCook icon Parchment paper
  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Rolling pin
  • kCook icon Slow cooker bowl
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl
  • kCook icon Work surface

Step preview

  1. Add self raising flour, vegetarian suet, superfine sugar, lemon and salt to a clean large mixing bowl
  2. Mix well
  3. Pour milk into the dough gradually
  4. Mix until dough forms
  5. Knead lightly
  6. Prepare a clean work surface with parchment paper
  7. Flour
  8. Transfer dough to work surface
  9. Roll out into a rectangle
  10. Turn
  11. Spread with strawberry jam
  12. Roll
  13. Wrap with foil
  14. Twist each side
  15. Prepare a clean slow cooker bowl
  16. Transfer pastry to slow cooker bowl
  17. Pour water into the slow cooker bowl halfway and cover
  18. Cook until light and fluffy - 3 hr 30 min, high heat
  19. Remove
  20. Slice into rounds
  21. Serve
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