Arugula, Potato & Lemon Ravioli

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recipe by Octopus Publishing

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    Total Time
    2hrs 25mins
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Pasta is much easier to make at home than you’d think. Here it’s stuffed with a fresh, zesty potato filling and coated with melted butter.

recipe updated Feb 18, 2019


  • Italian 00 flour icon
    Italian 00 flour
  • Durum semolina flour icon
    Durum semolina flour
  • Egg icon
  • Italian 00 flour icon
    Italian 00 flour
    as needed
  • Potato icon
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
  • Arugula icon
  • Lemon icon
  • Butter icon
  • Nutmeg icon
  • Salt & pepper icon
    Salt & pepper
    as needed
  • Water icon
    as needed
  • Salt icon
    as needed
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    as needed


  • kCook icon Pastry brush
  • kCook icon Plastic wrap
  • kCook icon Rolling pin
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl
  • kCook icon Baking sheet - 18 x 13"
  • kCook icon Baking sheet - 18 x 13"
  • kCook icon Work surface
  • kCook icon Frying pan
  • kCook icon Large saucepan
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl

Step preview

  1. Prep and set aside lemon: zest of
  2. Pre-heat
  3. Get a clean large mixing bowl
  4. Add italian 00 flour
  5. Add durum semolina flour
  6. Make a well
  7. Crack egg
  8. Mix until thick
  9. Knead
  10. Prepare a clean work surface
  11. Dust with italian 00 flour
  12. Transfer dough to work surface
  13. Knead for 5min until elastic
  14. Wrap with plastic wrap
  15. Chill in fridge for 30min
  16. Get a clean baking sheet
  17. Add potato
  18. Prick
  19. Bake for 1h until cooked through
  20. Let cool
  21. Get a clean large mixing bowl
  22. Spoon potatoes into large mixing bowl
  23. Add parmesan cheese
  24. Add arugula
  25. Add prepared lemon
  26. Add butter
  27. Add nutmeg
  28. Season with salt & pepper
  29. Mash with potato masher until combined
  30. Roll out dough thinly
  31. Scoop filling onto work surface bit by bit
  32. Brush
  33. Fold
  34. Press
  35. Cut into rounds
  36. Flour a baking sheet
  37. Transfer dough to baking sheet and cover
  38. Get a clean large saucepan
  39. Add water
  40. Add salt
  41. Boil
  42. Transfer pasta to large saucepan
  43. Cook for 3min on medium heat until al dente
  44. Drain carefully with sieve and reserve liquid
  45. Get a clean frying pan
  46. Add butter
  47. Heat in frying pan on low heat
  48. Transfer pasta to frying pan
  49. Simmer gently in frying pan until coated
  50. Serve
  51. Garnish with parmesan cheese
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