Palak Paneer

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Here's a delicious medium-spiced vegetarian curry to serve with rice or naan. I used a combination of online recipes to create an easy but flavorful version. I prefer a "half-blended" texture that's not too smooth and not too chunky. Make it spicier with more chili flakes or a chopped fresh chili. Don't forget the fresh cilantro to garnish!

Inspired by:

recipe updated Oct 9, 2019


  • Onion icon
    1 (140g)
  • Ginger icon
    about ½ cup (44g)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
  • Tomato icon
    2 (280g)
  • Paneer icon
    1¾ cups
  • Vegetable oil icon
    Vegetable oil
    3 tbsp (44ml)
  • Garam masala icon
    Garam masala
    1 tsp (2g)
  • Ground cumin icon
    Ground cumin
    about ½ teaspoon (1g)
  • Ground turmeric icon
    Ground turmeric
    about ¼ teaspoon (1g)
  • Spinach icon
    8⅛ cups
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    2 tsp (13g)
  • Single cream icon
    Single cream
    3 tbsp (44ml)
  • Cilantro icon
    as needed


  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Blender
  • kCook icon Colander
  • kCook icon Blender jug
  • kCook icon Sieve
  • kCook icon Fryer
  • kCook icon Frying pan

Step preview

  1. Heat vegetable oil to a clean frying pan
  2. Add onion to the frying pan
  3. Cook in frying pan until lightly browned - approx 7 min
  4. Add ginger and garlic clove to the frying pan
  5. Cook - approx 3 min
  6. Add tomato to the frying pan
  7. Cook while stirring occasionally - approx 5 min
  8. Add garam masala, ground cumin and ground turmeric to the frying pan
  9. Stir well until combined - approx 1 min
  10. Add spinach to the frying pan
  11. Sauté in frying pan until softened - approx 5 min
  12. Add spinach to the frying pan
  13. Sauté in frying pan until softened - approx 5 min
  14. Transfer content of frying pan to blender jug
  15. Add sea salt and single cream to the sauce
  16. Blend to taste - medium-high speed
  17. Clean frying pan with kitchen towel
  18. Add vegetable oil and paneer to the frying pan
  19. Fry each side until browned - approx 5 min
  20. Transfer sauce to frying pan carefully
  21. Heat gently
  22. Garnish with cilantro
  23. Serve
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