Stovetop Old-Fashioned Caramel Popcorn

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recipe by Sophie H.

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Classic old-fashioned caramel popcorn. The key to making perfect stovetop popcorn is coconut oil. Because it has a high smoke point, your popcorn is less likely to burn. Be sure to keep shaking the pot of kernels when cooking and watch as the kernels magically begin to pop! The simple caramel sauce makes for a deliciously comforting and sweet snack.

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recipe updated Oct 9, 2019


  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    4 tbsp (about 60ml)
  • Popcorn kernels icon
    Popcorn kernels
    about ½ cup (86g)
  • Salt icon
    1½ tsp (about 9g)
  • Salted butter icon
    Salted butter
    1 cup (230g)
  • Light brown sugar icon
    Light brown sugar
    1 cup (194g)
  • Vanilla extract icon
    Vanilla extract
    2 tsp (10ml)
  • Baking soda icon
    Baking soda
    about ½ tsp (2g)


  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Dutch oven
  • kCook icon Baking sheet - 18 x 13"
  • kCook icon Saucepan

Step preview

  1. Add coconut oil to a clean Dutch oven
  2. Cover
  3. Heat - medium-high heat
  4. Add popcorn kernels to the Dutch oven
  5. Set aside and cover
  6. Wait - 30 sec
  7. Return
  8. Cook - approx 2 min
  9. Shake continuously
  10. Remove lid
  11. Remove
  12. Season with salt
  13. Add salted butter to a clean saucepan
  14. Melt - medium heat
  15. Add light brown sugar to the saucepan
  16. Stir until completely mixed
  17. Stir continuously until boiling
  18. Cook without stirring - 4 min, medium heat
  19. Add vanilla extract to the caramel
  20. Stir
  21. Cook - 1 min
  22. Add baking soda to the caramel
  23. Stir
  24. Pour caramel into popcorn
  25. Fold gently until covered
  26. Line a clean baking sheet with foil
  27. Transfer popcorn to baking sheet
  28. Let cool
  29. Serve
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