Swedish Visiting Cake

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recipe by Sophie H.

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A quick and simple Swedish cake that's moist and not too sweet. Pairs perfectly with coffee. I used almond flour, but the original recipe calls for all-purpose flour, so use whichever you prefer. I added coconut on top for extra texture. From Baking: From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan, via Melanger

Inspired by: http://www.bellaeats.com/blog/2011/4/12/swedish-visiting-cake.html

recipe updated Jun 7, 2019


  • Lemon icon
    x 1 (about 58g)
  • Unsalted butter icon
    Unsalted butter
    as needed
  • Sugar icon
    1 cup (204g)
  • Egg icon
    x 2 (about 100g)
  • Salt icon
    ¼ tsp (about 1g)
  • Vanilla extract icon
    Vanilla extract
    1 tsp (5ml)
  • Almond extract icon
    Almond extract
    about ½ teaspoon (2g)
  • Almond flour icon
    Almond flour
    1 cup (103g)
  • Unsalted butter icon
    Unsalted butter
    about ½ cup (115g)
  • Slivered almonds icon
    Slivered almonds
    about ¼ cup (26g)
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut icon
    Unsweetened shredded coconut
    4 tbsp (about 20g)
  • Orange icon
    x 1 (about None)


  • kCook icon Spatula
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Medium cast iron skillet

Step preview

  1. Pre-heat oven - 175°C
  2. Grease a clean medium cast iron skillet with unsalted butter
  3. Add sugar and lemon to a clean medium bowl
  4. Rub together until fragrant
  5. Add egg to the medium bowl one by one
  6. Whisk until combined
  7. Add salt, vanilla extract and almond extract to the medium bowl
  8. Whisk until combined
  9. Mix in almond flour to the medium bowl while stirring occasionally
  10. Fold unsalted butter into the medium bowl
  11. Transfer content of medium bowl to medium cast iron skillet
  12. Smooth
  13. Sprinkle with slivered almonds and unsweetened shredded coconut
  14. Top with orange
  15. Bake until browned at edges - approx 25 min
  16. Let cool
  17. Serve
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