Pesto and Sausage Meatball Tagliatelle

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recipe by Octopus Publishing

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Pork sausages add a salty, savory twist to this super quick take on a classic, and the surprising addition of red pesto adds depth of flavor.

recipe updated Jun 12, 2020


  • Smoked bacon icon
    Smoked bacon
    200g (about ¾ cup)
  • Red onion icon
    Red onion
    x 1 (about 135g)
  • Parmesan cheese icon
    Parmesan cheese
    1 dash
  • Olive oil icon
    Olive oil
    2 tbsp (about 30ml)
  • Sausage meat icon
    Sausage meat
    500g (about 2⅛ cups)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
  • Red wine icon
    Red wine
    100ml (100ml)
  • Tomato purée icon
    Tomato purée
    455ml (2 cups)
  • Pesto icon
    3 tbsp (46g)
  • Salt & pepper icon
    Salt & pepper
    1 pinch
  • Water icon
    4⅛ cups (about 1000ml)
  • Salt icon
    1 dash
  • Fresh tagliatelle icon
    Fresh tagliatelle
    700g (about 3 cups)


  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Frying pan
  • kCook icon Work surface
  • kCook icon Saucepan

Step preview

  1. Add olive oil and smoked bacon to a clean frying pan
  2. Fry until light golden - approx 3 min, medium-high heat
  3. Prepare a clean work surface
  4. Add sausage meat to the work surface
  5. Roll into balls
  6. Transfer meat to frying pan
  7. Cook until browned - approx 3 min
  8. Add red onion and garlic clove to the frying pan
  9. Cook in frying pan until softened - approx 4 min
  10. Pour red wine into the frying pan
  11. Simmer until liquid has evaporated - approx 2 min
  12. Stir tomato purée into the frying pan
  13. Add pesto and salt & pepper to the frying pan
  14. Simmer until thickened - approx 8 min
  15. Add water to a clean saucepan
  16. Boil
  17. Add salt and fresh tagliatelle to the pasta
  18. Cook until al dente - approx 3 min
  19. Drain
  20. Transfer pasta to 4 medium bowls
  21. Serve
  22. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese
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