Massaman Duck Curry

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recipe by Kenwood None

  • Time icon
    Total Time
    1hr 10mins
  • Serves icon
  • Calories icon

massaman duck curry

recipe updated Nov 13, 2018


  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    2 tbsp
  • Duck breast icon
    Duck breast
  • Red onion icon
    Red onion
  • Cardamom pods icon
    Cardamom pods
    x 3
  • Star anise pod icon
    Star anise pod
    x 2
  • Massaman curry paste icon
    Massaman curry paste
    3 tbsp
  • Coconut milk icon
    Coconut milk
  • Tamarind paste icon
    Tamarind paste
  • Fish sauce icon
    Fish sauce
    1 tbsp
  • Lime juice icon
    Lime juice
    1ΒΌ tbsp
  • Potato icon
  • Raw cane sugar icon
    Raw cane sugar
    2 tsp
  • Salt & pepper icon
    Salt & pepper
    2 pinches
  • Cilantro icon


  • kCook icon Paper towels
  • kCook icon kCook Multi
  • kCook icon Plate
  • kCook icon kCook bowl

Step preview

  1. Prep and set aside duck breast: skinned & cubed - 2 cm
  2. Prep and set aside red onion: trimmed, peeled & quartered
  3. Prep and set aside cardamom pods: crushed
  4. Prep and set aside star anise pod
  5. Prep and set aside massaman curry paste
  6. Prep and set aside coconut milk
  7. Prep and set aside potato: peeled & cubed - 2 cm
  8. Fit thick slicing disc (5) to direct prep attachment
  9. Fit direct prep attachment to kCook Multi
  10. Line a plate with paper towels then set aside
  11. Fit stir tool to kCook bowl
  12. Add coconut oil to the kCook bowl
  13. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  14. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  15. Heat with filler cap removed
  16. Add prepared duck breast
  17. Cook for 2min with filler cap removed
  18. Cook for 3min with filler cap removed
  19. Transfer content of kCook bowl to plate and continue
  20. Retrieve kCook bowl
  21. Clean kCook bowl
  22. Fit stir tool to kCook bowl
  23. Turn direct prep attachment to position 1
  24. Slice prepared red onion with direct prep attachment
  25. Turn direct prep attachment to position 2
  26. Add prepared cardamom pods
  27. Add prepared star anise pod
  28. Add prepared massaman curry paste
  29. Add prepared coconut milk
  30. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  31. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  32. Cook for 5min with filler cap removed
  33. Add tamarind paste
  34. Add fish sauce
  35. Add lime juice
  36. Add prepared potato
  37. Add raw cane sugar
  38. Add salt & pepper
  39. Transfer meat to kCook bowl
  40. Cook for 40min with filler cap removed
  41. Season to taste
  42. Serve
  43. Garnish with finely chopped cilantro
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