Potato Latkes

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recipe by Arousing Appetites http://arousingappetites.com/

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In the coming weeks, the “holiday season” will come into full swing. A whole slew of holidays – both religious-based and not – will begin and be celebrated. One of the more prominent holidays celebrated here in the US during this time is Hanukkah. In just four days, the Jewish holiday will kick off and begin a celebration of eight days and nights for Jewish families. And in terms of food, that almost certainly means that there will be latkes aplenty. Serve with applesauce, sour cream, or Greek yogurt.

Inspired by: https://blog.arousingappetites.com/latkes-jewish-potato-zucchini-fritters/

recipe updated Dec 10, 2019


  • Potato icon
    2 (346g)
  • Onion icon
    1 (140g)
  • Water icon
    as needed
  • Egg icon
    1 (50g)
  • Dill icon
    1 tbsp (4g)
  • Fresh thyme icon
    Fresh thyme
    1 tbsp (2g)
  • Kosher salt icon
    Kosher salt
    as needed
  • Panko breadcrumbs icon
    Panko breadcrumbs
    about ¼ cup (11g)
  • Olive oil icon
    Olive oil
    as needed


  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Paper towels
  • kCook icon Plate
  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl
  • kCook icon Large cast iron skillet

Step preview

  1. Grate potato and onion into a clean large mixing bowl
  2. Add water to the mixture
  3. Soak - approx 10 min
  4. Drain and reserve liquid
  5. Add egg, dill, fresh thyme and kosher salt to a clean small bowl
  6. Transfer egg mixture to mixture
  7. Add panko breadcrumbs to the mixture
  8. Mix in
  9. Form into rounds
  10. Prepare a clean large cast iron skillet
  11. Add olive oil to the large cast iron skillet
  12. Heat - high heat
  13. Place mixture on large cast iron skillet
  14. Cook each side until golden brown - approx 3 min, high heat
  15. Prepare a clean plate with paper towels
  16. Transfer content of large cast iron skillet to plate
  17. Serve
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