Flourless Chocolate Cake

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This elegant, light-textured cake will delight you with a surprisingly intense chocolate flavor. (Gluten-Free)

recipe updated Jul 29, 2020


  • Dark chocolate icon
    Dark chocolate
    200 g (about 1 ¼ cups)
  • Salted butter icon
    Salted butter
    200 g (about ¾ cup)
  • Granulated sugar icon
    Granulated sugar
    100 g (about ½ cup)
  • Egg yolk icon
    Egg yolk
    4 (about 80 g)
  • Egg white icon
    Egg white
    4 (about 120 g)


  • kCook icon Stand mixer
  • kCook icon Parchment paper
  • kCook icon Whisk
  • kCook icon Microwave
  • kCook icon Springform pan - 9 x 2.5"
  • kCook icon Large glass bowl
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl

Step preview

  1. Pre-heat oven - 180°C
  2. Line a clean springform pan with parchment paper
  3. Add dark chocolate and salted butter to a clean large glass bowl
  4. Melt in microwave - low heat
  5. Add granulated sugar and egg yolk to the batter
  6. Whisk briefly until combined
  7. Add egg white to a clean large mixing bowl
  8. Whisk until stiff
  9. Add granulated sugar to the egg whites
  10. Whisk briefly until combined
  11. Fold egg whites into batter
  12. Transfer batter to springform pan
  13. Bake - 20 min, 180°C
  14. Let cool
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