Halloween Marshmallow Eyeballs

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recipe by Feeding Gluten Free https://feedingglutenfree.com/

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These are fun, really good, and so easy to make - the best treat for any Halloween party that you can whip up in minutes. You simply temper some white chocolate. Then you dip one end of a marshmallow into the white chocolate and turn it over to dry. That’s it! Pop on some dark chocolate chips for eyes and some red sprinkles before hardening. You’ve got yourself some eyeballs.

recipe updated Oct 10, 2018


  • White chocolate icon
    White chocolate
    1 cup (173g)
  • Marshmallows icon
  • Dark chocolate chips icon
    Dark chocolate chips
  • Sprinkles icon
    as needed


  • kCook icon Microwave
  • kCook icon Serving plate
  • kCook icon Heatproof bowl

Step preview

  1. Prepare a clean heatproof bowl
  2. Add white chocolate to the heatproof bowl
  3. Melt slowly in microwave until melted while stirring occasionally - approx 1 min
  4. Prepare a clean serving plate
  5. Prepare marshmallows with the serving plate
  6. Dip carefully
  7. Decorate with dark chocolate chips one by one
  8. Decorate with sprinkles sparingly
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