Raw Vegan Raspberry Truffles

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    Total Time
    2hrs 10mins
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These raw vegan truffles have a creamy cashew raspberry filling and a luscious chocolate coating. Store in the fridge or freezer, let thaw before serving. (Raw Vegan, Gluten-Free)

recipe updated Oct 8, 2019


  • Cashew nuts icon
    Cashew nuts
    200g (about 1½ cups)
  • Water icon
    60ml (4 tbsp)
  • Agave syrup icon
    Agave syrup
    160g (about ½ cup)
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    1 pinch
  • Vanilla bean seeds icon
    Vanilla bean seeds
  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    179ml (¾ cup)
  • Raspberries icon
    200g (about 1¼ cups)
  • Cocoa powder icon
    Cocoa powder
    45g (about ½ cup)
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
    about ⅛ teaspoon (1g)


  • kCook icon Whisk
  • kCook icon Food processor
  • kCook icon Water
  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Small bowl
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Baking sheet - 18 x 13"

Step preview

  1. Add cashew nuts to a clean medium bowl
  2. Soak with water - 1 hr
  3. Drain with sieve
  4. Add water, agave syrup, sea salt and vanilla bean seeds to the nuts
  5. Blend until smooth
  6. Add coconut oil to a clean small bowl
  7. Transfer content of small bowl to nuts slowly while mixing
  8. Add raspberries to a clean small bowl
  9. Transfer fruit to nuts
  10. Blend until smooth
  11. Place in freezer until firm - 30 min
  12. Line a clean baking sheet with waxed paper
  13. Scoop nuts onto baking sheet
  14. Freeze until firm - approx 45 min
  15. Add cocoa powder, coconut oil, agave syrup and sea salt to a clean medium bowl
  16. Whisk until smooth
  17. Dip balls into chocolate mixture one by one
  18. Chill baking sheet in fridge until set
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