Anzac Biscuits

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recipe by Arousing Appetites

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In Australia and New Zealand, the Anzac biscuit is an invaluable symbol of a seminal period in both nations’ histories. Read more about the history and our development of this recipe on Arousing Appetites (link below).

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recipe updated Oct 8, 2019


  • Coconut oil icon
    Coconut oil
    2 tbsp (30ml)
  • Golden syrup icon
    Golden syrup
    2 tbsp (41g)
  • Pastry flour icon
    Pastry flour
    1 cup (122g)
  • Coconut sugar icon
    Coconut sugar
    about ½ cup (102g)
  • Rolled oats icon
    Rolled oats
    about ½ cup (79g)
  • Ground ginger icon
    Ground ginger
    about ½ tablespoon (3g)
  • Baking soda icon
    Baking soda
    1 tsp (5g)
  • Water icon
    2 tbsp (30ml)


  • kCook icon Parchment paper
  • kCook icon Whisk
  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Cooling rack
  • kCook icon Stove
  • kCook icon Baking sheet - 18 x 13"
  • kCook icon Saucepan
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl

Step preview

  1. Pre-heat oven - 190°C
  2. Measure coconut oil a clean saucepan
  3. Add golden syrup to the saucepan
  4. Heat until melted while stirring occasionally - medium heat
  5. Set aside and continue
  6. Add pastry flour, coconut sugar, rolled oats, ground ginger and baking soda to a clean large mixing bowl
  7. Mix briefly until combined
  8. Transfer liquid to mixture
  9. Mix
  10. Add water to the mixture
  11. Mix until dough forms
  12. Line a clean baking sheet with parchment paper
  13. Divide mixture with teaspoon
  14. Roll into balls
  15. Transfer mixture to baking sheet
  16. Bake - approx 15 min, 190°C
  17. Transfer onto cooling rack and let cool
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