Nutty Tempered Chocolate Easter Eggs


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POSTED April 6, 2020 (LAST UPDATED September 24, 2021)



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This recipe all starts with melted Couverture chocolate. Couverture chocolate is very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter (32–39%) than baking or eating chocolate. This addi...



  • Hazelnuts icon

    100 g (about ¾ cup)roasted, coarsely chopped

  • Dark chocolate icon
    Dark chocolate

    350 g (about 2 cups)

  • Chocolate icon

    50 g (about ¼ cup)


  • 1. Add dark chocolate to the TM5 bowl
  • 2. Heat - approx 15 min, 50°C, speed 2
  • 3. Then add chocolate to the TM5 bowl
  • 4. Stir - approx 10 min, speed 1
  • 5. Stop occasionally and push the chocolate back down into the base of the Thermomix bowl as required
  • 6. How to test if it is correctly tempered:
  • 7. Dip the tip of a spatula into the chocolate and leave it on a silpat mat at room temperature
  • 8. Stir until needed - speed 1
  • 9. Transfer chocolate mixture to demisphere mold
  • 10. Add hazelnuts to the demisphere mold
  • 11. These should set within 10 minutes in the fridge and drop right out if tempered correctly
  • 12. Decorate with just a brush stroke of gold or silver dust using a clean eyeshadow brush

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