Spicy Fried Rice

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recipe by Tenina Holder https://tenina.com/

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So quick and full of flavour. Do not underestimate the value of a good fried rice recipe.

Inspired by: https://tenina.com/recipes/spicy-fried-rice

recipe updated 8 Jun 2020


  • Shallot icon
    2 (84g)
  • Fresh chilli icon
    Fresh chilli
    1 (20g)
  • Spring onion icon
    Spring onion
    4 (60g)
  • Red bell pepper icon
    Red bell pepper
    1 (150g)
  • Fresh chilli icon
    Fresh chilli
    1 (20g)
  • Egg icon
    3 (150g)
  • Lime icon
    1 (100g)
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove
  • Ginger icon
    30g (about 5½ tbsp)
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oil
    33ml (2¼ tbsp)
  • Soy sauce icon
    Soy sauce
    2 tbsp (30ml)
  • Fish sauce icon
    Fish sauce
    1 tbsp (15ml)
  • Sriracha sauce icon
    Sriracha sauce
    1 tbsp (15ml)
  • Apple cider vinegar icon
    Apple cider vinegar
    1 tbsp (15ml)
  • Ground turmeric icon
    Ground turmeric
    1 tsp (2g)
  • Golden caster sugar icon
    Golden caster sugar
    2 tbsp (25g)
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oil
    as needed
  • Cooked rice icon
    Cooked rice
    500g (about 2½ cups)
  • Sesame oil icon
    Sesame oil
    1 tbsp (15ml)
  • Sesame seeds icon
    Sesame seeds
    1 tbsp (8g)


  • kCook icon Skillet pan
  • kCook icon TM5
  • kCook icon Tm5 bowl
  • kCook icon Large cast iron skillet

Step preview

  1. Add shallot, garlic clove, fresh chilli, ginger and extra virgin olive oil to the TM5 bowl
  2. Fit TM5 bowl to TM5
  3. Chop - approx 5 sec, speed 5
  4. Sauté - approx 5 sec, varoma, speed 1
  5. Then add soy sauce, fish sauce, sriracha sauce, apple cider vinegar, ground turmeric and golden caster sugar to the sauce
  6. Blend - approx 5 sec, speed 4
  7. Add extra virgin olive oil to a clean large cast iron skillet
  8. Heat
  9. Add cooked rice to the large cast iron skillet
  10. Fry until fragrant - approx 5 min
  11. Add spring onion, red bell pepper and fresh chilli to the large cast iron skillet
  12. Toss
  13. Add egg to the large cast iron skillet
  14. Stir until just cooked
  15. Transfer sauce to large cast iron skillet
  16. Toss
  17. Garnish with sesame oil, sesame seeds and lime
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