Raspberry Milk Jelly with Slow Cooked Berries

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recipe by Tenina Holder https://tenina.com/

  • Time icon
    Total Time
    4hrs 15mins
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A delicately flavoured and delicious milk jelly that is not unlike a panna cotta.

Inspired by: https://tenina.com/recipes/raspberry-heart-milk-jelly-with-slow-cooked-berries?ct=t(RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN)&mc_cid=8d94293852&mc_eid=ece51ebf7b

recipe updated 8 Oct 2019


  • Water icon
    50ml (3½ tbsp)
  • Frozen strawberries icon
    Frozen strawberries
    250g (about 1¾ cups)
  • Vanilla bean paste icon
    Vanilla bean paste
    1 tbsp (16g)
  • Golden caster sugar icon
    Golden caster sugar
    100g (about ½ cup)
  • Egg yolk icon
    Egg yolk
    2 (40g)
  • Whole milk icon
    Whole milk
    200g (about ¾ cup)
  • Single cream icon
    Single cream
    240ml (1 cup)
  • Gelatine icon
    1 tbsp (7g)
  • Vanilla extract icon
    Vanilla extract
    1 dash
  • Blueberries icon
    100g (about ¾ cup)
  • Raspberries icon
    125g (about ¾ cup)
  • Mint icon
    as needed


  • kCook icon TM5
  • kCook icon Silicon mould
  • kCook icon Serving plate
  • kCook icon TM5 bowl
  • kCook icon Saucepan
  • kCook icon Small bowl

Step preview

  1. Add vanilla bean paste, golden caster sugar, egg yolk, whole milk and single cream to the TM5 bowl
  2. Fit TM5 bowl to TM5
  3. Cook - approx 8 min, 80°C, speed 4
  4. Add gelatine and water to a clean small bowl
  5. Stir until combined
  6. Transfer gelatin to mixture
  7. Blend - approx 20 sec, speed 4
  8. Transfer mixture to 6 silicon moulds
  9. Refrigerate in fridge until set - 4 hr
  10. Add vanilla extract, frozen strawberries and golden caster sugar to a clean saucepan
  11. Cook until softened - 20 min, low heat
  12. Add blueberries to the saucepan
  13. Heat until soft and let cool
  14. Peel silicon moulds
  15. Transfer content of silicon moulds to serving plate
  16. Transfer content of saucepan to serving plate
  17. Arrange raspberries in the serving plate
  18. Garnish with mint
  19. Serve
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