Carrot Cake

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recipe by Kamran Siddiqi

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    1hr 5mins
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This carrot cake tastes best after it is frosted, covered, and chilled in the refrigerator overnight or for 24 hours. It even tastes great cold. Oh yes, cold carrot cake is a religious experience- the juxtaposition in the temperature and flavor of the cake is simply extraordinary. Once again, I am utilizing Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and Natural Cane Sugar in the recipe, it gives the cake a quality and taste that I love, but I have easily used All-Purpose Flour and granulated sugar (or a combination of granulated sugar and light brown sugar) to make this recipe - and both versions taste great. The recipe calls for sunflower oil, but you can easily use any neutral tasting oil. The frosting is enough for the tops of two 8×4-inch loaf cakes. It may not be enough for a two-layer 8-inch cake, so doubling the icing recipe maybe necessary. Additionally, the frosting recipe is very flexible. If you want more of a citrusy frosting going on, simply leave out the butter, add in two teaspoons of orange juice and some orange zest (I wouldn’t use too much, but if you want something with a lot of punch, use as much as you’d like).

recipe updated Nov 13, 2018


  • Whole wheat flour icon
    Whole wheat flour
  • Baking powder icon
    Baking powder
  • Baking soda icon
    Baking soda
  • Ground cinnamon icon
    Ground cinnamon
  • Orange zest icon
    Orange zest
  • Sea salt icon
    Sea salt
  • Carrot icon
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut icon
    Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Pecan pieces icon
    Pecan pieces
  • Walnuts icon
  • Dried cranberries icon
    Dried cranberries
  • Sunflower oil icon
    Sunflower oil
  • Cane sugar icon
    Cane sugar
  • Whole milk yogurt icon
    Whole milk yogurt
  • Egg icon
  • Powdered sugar icon
    Powdered sugar
  • Butter icon
  • Cream cheese icon
    Cream cheese


  • kCook icon Parchment paper
  • kCook icon Wooden spoon
  • kCook icon Plastic wrap
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Large mixing bowl
  • kCook icon Medium bowl
  • kCook icon Loaf pan - 8 x 4 x 2.5"
  • kCook icon Medium bowl

Step preview

  1. Pre-heat - 175°C
  2. Prepare 2 clean loaf pans with parchment paper
  3. Get a clean medium bowl
  4. Add whole wheat flour
  5. Add baking powder
  6. Add baking soda
  7. Add ground cinnamon
  8. Add orange zest
  9. Add sea salt
  10. Whisk together
  11. Get a clean medium bowl
  12. Add coarsely grated carrot
  13. Mix in unsweetened shredded coconut
  14. Mix in chopped pecan pieces
  15. Mix in chopped walnuts
  16. Mix in chopped dried cranberries
  17. Get a clean large mixing bowl
  18. Add sunflower oil
  19. Mix in cane sugar well
  20. Whisk in whole milk yogurt
  21. Stir until smooth
  22. Add egg one by one and continue mixing
  23. Transfer dry ingredients to batter
  24. Stir until well combined
  25. Fold vegetables into batter gently
  26. Transfer batter to 2 loaf pans
  27. Bake until skewer tests clean - 35 min, 175°C
  28. Let cool
  29. Get a clean medium bowl
  30. Add powdered sugar
  31. Add butter
  32. Add cream cheese
  33. Beat until smooth
  34. Frost generously until covered
  35. Wrap with plastic wrap
  36. Refrigerate in fridge - approx 24 hr
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